Call for Proposals

The Project on Resources and Governance (PRG) is soliciting applications for grants to support early-stage exploratory research. We seek to support research that:

  • is focused on governance politics, economics, or social welfare in low and middle-income countries that are economically dependent on oil, gas, and mining;
  • is methodologically rigorous and employs either experimental or quasi-experimental approaches;
  • has important policy implications. These may include curtailing corruption, reducing the incidence of violent conflict, improving government services and responsiveness, and improving socioeconomic conditions; and
  • includes partnerships with local researchers and organizations. These organizations can include non-governmental organizations, firms, and government agencies.

PRG is providing two types of grants to encourage early-stage work.

Travel Grants are for a maximum of $10,000 and can only be spent on travel costs, including the cost of airfare, ground transportation, and hotels and meals for the grant recipient(s), collaborators, and research partners. The award is intended for projects that have not yet received significant funding and must be spent within twelve months of receiving the grant.  Travel Grants can be used for visiting potential research sites, building relationships with potential research partners or working with partners to design and test interventions.

To apply for Travel Grants,  please fill out this form.

Proposal are reviewed on ongoing basis and applicants will be notified of their award status within two months of proposal submission. Recipients will be required to submit a brief report on their activities, and state of any resulting research projects, upon completion of the grant.

Project Development Grants are for a maximum of $100,000 and meant to support exploratory and preparatory work once researcher and partner agree to pursue collaboration; the grant may be used for collecting exploratory data, hiring a short-term research assistant, or conducting pilot studies for larger randomized trials or surveys.  The grant can also be used to fund initial phase of an existing study. Research activities must begin within six months of the award date.

We are not currently receiving applications for Project Development grants. If you are interested, please check back later, or reach out to us at for more information.

All proposals will be evaluated on two criteria: first, whether they are likely to result in a research project whose research design and thematic focus are in keeping with PRG’s mission; and second, the training and/or track record of the researcher or research team.

University faculty, graduate students and development professionals are welcome to apply; teams of researchers are also welcome. Applicants from developing countries are particularly encouraged to apply.