We provided seed grants to scholars starting new projects in natural resource governance in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


Travel grant to Renard Sexton (Emory University) and Santiago Saavedra (Universidad del Rosario) to conduct qualitative discussions with artisanal and small-scale miners in four municipalities in Colombia to better understand their barriers to formalization


Travel grant to Stanislao Maldonado (Universidad del Rosario) and Grupo Faro to support the organization of research workshop on impact evaluation in Ecuador’s extractive sector.


Travel grant to Johannes Urpelainen (Johns Hopkins) to meet with potential implementation partners, organize workshops for civil society organizations and conduct interviews with population dependent on coal mining in Jharkhand, India.


Travel grant to Diana Greenwald (City University of New York) and Matthew Cancian (MIT) to conduct qualitative interviews with Kurdish elites residing in the oil-rich, Kurdistan region in Northern Iraq.

South Africa

Travel grant to Graeme Blair (UCLA), Darin Christensen (UCLA) and Renard Sexton (Emory University) to conduct exploratory research in mining-affected communities in South Africa


Project Development grant to Cesi Cruz (University of British Columbia) to develop and pilot ICT monitoring system for grassroot community monitors to report illegal black sand mining operations in Philippines.