We partner with governments, civil society actors, and research institutions working in low and middle-income countries to improve the lives of those who are affected by oil, gas or mineral extraction. We help our partners design new policies and programs based on the latest insights from social and behavioral sciences and to rigorously evaluate their impacts.

Evaluating Due Diligence Programs for Conflict Minerals

Democratic Republic of Congo

We partnered with International Peace Information Service (IPIS), SFR, and Ulula to evaluate the impact of due diligence programs on security and economic wellbeing of communities surrounding 3T mines in Eastern Congo. Photo credit: Timothy Makori

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Building an Effective Corps of Compliance Officers

Sierra Leone

We worked with National Minerals Agency (NMA) of Sierra Leone to deploy its field officers and designed a set of key performance indicators to track these officers’ activities. 


Surfacing Grievances through a Digital Platform

South Africa

Working with Oxfam South Africa, Mining Affected Communities United in Action (MACUA), and Ulula, we piloted a mobile-based platform to identify and report mining-related grievances in South Africa. 

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Meta-Analysis of Commodity Prices and Conflict

Various countries

We conducted a meta-analysis of natural experiments to understand how changes in international commodity prices affect the occurrence of armed conflict. 


Other Engagements

LIBERIA: With the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Liberia, we are designing and testing strategies to improve oversight of the artisanal mining sector.

TANZANIA: We are working the civil society group HakiMadini and the Mining Commission of Tanzania to reduce mercury pollution and increase welfare of artisanal gold miners.

NIGERIA:  We partnered with BudgIT, a Nigerian citizen budget watchdog group, from 2018 to 2019 to identify strategies to engage and motivate citizens to monitor and demand accountability around the expenditure of oil revenues.